Your Own Live set!? For Heep Fans


Just a bit of fun here….

Like all classic bands, Uriah Heep has an enormous catalogue to choose a live set from, and many favorites get lost over the years and never heard. So here’s a chance (in fun) to create your own set of Uriah Heep…


List in running order (with encore) a set 12-16 songs (within 75-90 minutes) of album tracks only (be a bit realistic).

None of the regular half dozen or so that are always in the set, no outtakes or non album tracks, no covers (unless on a Heep album), no guests….


Post it here in the comments…

Good luck…



One thought on “Your Own Live set!? For Heep Fans”

  1. A Heep Set!?

    sweet Lorraine
    do you know
    rock the foundation
    one more night
    the shadows and the wind
    what should be done
    spirit of freedom
    sweet pretender
    chasing shadows
    night of the wolf
    weekend warriors
    time to live
    can’t keep a good band down
    kiss of freedom


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